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Leaps and Instagram! Members of SND Ballet and their dance videos!

Huge and explosive leaps full of power are a male privilege. There’s nothing to blame. The difference between female technique and male technique is based mainly on this feature. It doesn’t mean that ladies are not able to jump or they don’t have to. Ladies are fragile – or, it’s like that according to what we see in the classical repertoire. That’s why their leaps are a bit smaller, they seem more tender but faster! Again, this article is concerned with our gentlemen!

„My leaps are good and I’m good at it! “

Dancers prepare themselves throughout their lives. They must work with their body, which may be tricky sometimes. None of them would be able to perform without a proper training and preparation. Not because of the threat of injury but because they want to do their best for you. Have you seen Yuki Kaminak in the role of Ali? For this high-demanding character, he was honestly training himself in the hall!

Coda from Le Corsaire #lecorsaire #balletboys #snd #ali #coda

Příspěvek sdílený Yuki Kaminaka (@yukikaminaka),

The first soloist Artemyj Pyzhov is not avoiding training either. This is how he represents Prince Siegfriend from the Swan Lake in the ballet studio.

Too fast for your eyes? Our dancers are so kind they think even about this – SLOW MOTION!

Давайте похлопаем тем, у кого начался отпуск !)) ????

Příspěvek sdílený Артемий Пыжов (@pyzhov_art),


Příspěvek sdílený Артемий Пыжов (@pyzhov_art),

Mergim “Tybalt“Veselaj and his black-and-white video with a full side leap with a delicate folkloric ending. Mergim is a dancer, who is popular in a group mainly for his sense of humour. The one who has never tried will never know! Those, who know are laughing even now! 🙂

Wedding? Of course, Eldar likes to jump everywhere.

Нее,я ща так не буду! Я ещё трезвый?)

Příspěvek sdílený Eldar Vandanov (@eldardans1706),

Street and a scene like from an action movie? I’d give 8 out of 10 ballet pumps for an en pointe foot in sneakers!

3 months ago I had a broken leg ((but now it is hard to believe))) ?

Příspěvek sdílený Eldar Vandanov (@eldardans1706),

Soloist and representative of Odetta/Odile, Giselle or Máša in the Nutcracker is not avoiding training either! Small leaps – fast and furious – this is Russian Maria Rudenko. 🙂

Чечёточка?? Звук??

Příspěvek sdílený Мария Руденко (@maria_rudenko),

Of course, he warms up every time! It’s not always that serious….

But it’s also filled with humour. 🙂

#newpointeshoes #ballet #пуанты #pointе #балет #legs #work #dance #dancer

Příspěvek sdílený Мария Руденко (@maria_rudenko),

The next article will be about work in pairs. If you like our videos, don’t hesitate and follow our dancers on Instagram. I’m sure you will enjoy a lot of fun just like us. It can’t be denied that a video can’t be compared to the real experience of performance accompanied by the SND Opera orchestra. We hope we’ll see you all again in September at the SND Ballet!

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“For me, dance is a synonyme for life and freedom“ I graduated from the State Conservatory of Bratislava and the Academy of Performing Arts – Theatre theory and criticism. My positive attitude towards theatre led to my reflections on dance arts. Dancing was a part of me since early childhood. The aim of my work is not only the reflection on dancing scene but its advertisement as well. Ballet is a high-quality piece of art and that is why it should be given attention it deserves.

Natália Jabůrkova

Author of the article, theatrologist and dance reviewer


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