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Il Corsair (Le Corsaire) by Adolphe-Charles Adam is one of the masterpieces of the Romantic ballet era, along with his other famous work –Giselle, Il Corsair is part of the golden fund of international ballet repertoire. The famous librettist of ballets of the 19th century Jules-Henri Vernoy de Saint-Georges and choreographer Joseph Mazilier created a colourful depiction of the lives of the Corsairs based on Byron’s poem of the same name in 1814. The premiere took place on January the 23rd 1856 on the Opéra de Paris stage. Musical numbers by other composers were added to the ballet over time; however the story has remained the same since 1856.

Il Corsair is one of the works that was born in France, but their continued existence on the international stage is associated with the glory of the ballet about Tsarist Russia. In St. Petersburg the ballet was staged by Jules Perrot two years after the Paris premiere featuring Marius Petipa as Corrado. Márius Petipa first presented his Il Corsair in St. Petersburg in 1963, the 1968 staging featuring the music of Cesare Pugni and Leo Delibes. (Le Jardin anime). The last version from 1899, accompanied by music by other composers, has become the model for other choreographers thanks to which the work has survived to this day. The SND staging is based on this version and is staged by Russian choreography Vasilij Medvedev, the man behind the most successful SND Ballet staging – Onegin.

Il Corsair bears the significant imprint of Romanticism aesthetics. The story about the adventurous lives of the Corsairs features unbridled passion, dramatic situations, danger and love.

Runnig time: 2 hrs 30 mins with two intervals

Show price of tickets
1. category 25 €
2. category 20 €
3. category 10 €
Music: Adolphe Charles Adam
Libretto: Jules-Henri Vernoy de Saint-Georges, Joseph Mazilier,
Marius Petipa
Choreography and Direction: Vasilij Medvedev
Assistant choreographer: Stanislav Fečo
Set and Costume Designer: Pavol Juráš
Masque: Juraj Steiner
Musical preparation: Alexander Anissimov
Conductor: Dušan Štefánek
Medora: Romina Kołodziej, Silvia Najdená
Gulnara: Maria Rudenko, Erina Akatsuka
Konrád: Artemyj Pyzhov, Andrej Szabo
Lankedem: Yuki Kaminaka
Ali: Artemyj Pyzhov Yuki Kaminaka, Dansaran Vandanov
Paša: František Šulek,Vladimír Kotrbanec (ako hosť)
Birbanto: Adrian Ducin, Jonatan Lujan
Priateľka Birbanta: Katarína Kaanová, Viola Mariner
Odalisky: Erina Akatsuka, Sumire Shojima, Chelsea Andrejic, Viola Mariner, Tatum Shoptaugh, Maria Rudenko, Sakura Shojima
Pirates: Aliaksei Kavaleuski, Damián Šimko, Juraj Žilinčár, Mergim Veselaj, Francisco Garcia, Raphael Schuster, Martin Kreml, Andrej Cagáň, Dansaran Vandanov, Glen Lambrecht
Forbant – sólo dámy: Viktória Šimončíková, Sarah Millner, Reona Sato
Forbant – sólo páni: Adrian Ducin, Dansaran Vandanov, Andrej Cagáň
Záhrada – sólo dámy: Chelsea Andrejic, Erina Akatsuka, Reona Sato, Tatum Shoptaugh, Isa Ichikawa, Viola Mariner, Maria Rudenko, Silvia Najdená
Záhrada – zbor: Viktória Šimončíková, Viktória Gyepes – Árvová, Sarah Millner, Tatum Shoptaugh, Katarína Kaanová, Natália Planková, Ilinca Ducin, Isa Ichikawa, Sakura Shojima, Helene Ziener, Maria Rudenko, Sumire Shojima, Valéria Stašková, Zsóka Tallósiová, Viola Mariner, Arina Varenceva
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