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Fragile is a Slovak vocal ensemble that brings together artists popular from television, theatre and musical productions. Without the use of musical instruments, i.e. a cappella, they interpret well-known compositions by world artists. Their repertoire also includes compositions by such giants as Bach and Chopin. Yet, the greatest plus is contemporary popular music: they add it a new face making the most of their creativity and playfulness. In a joint project with the SND Ballet, their music is complemented by dance. The four dance pieces that translate music into contemporary ballet language come from the SND Ballet and its four dancers and choreographers: Igor Holováč, Reona Sato, Adrian Ducin and Glen Lamrecht.

Running time: 2 hours 20 minutes with one interval

Cast: Branislav Kostka, Soňa Norisová, Jana Golis, Helena Krajčiová, Svetlana Rymarenko, Slavomír Košecký
Choreography: Adrian Ducin, Igor Holováč, Glen Lambrecht, Reona Sato
Chorus Master: Branislav Kostka
Directed by: Igor Holováč

Cast: Ilinca Ducin, Adrian Szelle, Klaudia Görözdös, Glen Lambrecht, Sakura Shojima, Isa Ichikawa, Chiaki Honda, Evgenii Korsakov, Seiru Nagahori, Marián Kuchár, Francisco Garcia, Helene Ziener, Anna Vágnerová, Katarína Kaanová, Luana Brunetti, Jean – Michel Reuter, Jonatan Lujan, Sumire Shojima


Performance dates

Show price of tickets
VIP 46 €
1.category 36 €
2.category 26 €
3.category 16 €
4.category 12 €


Cast Klaudia Görözdös, Ilinca Ducin, Sakura Shojima, Sumire Shojima, Isa Ichikawa, Katarína Kaanová, Luana Brunetti, Chiaki Honda, Anna Vágnerová, Helene Ziener, Erina Akatsuka, Sarah Millner, Francisco Garcia, Glen Lambrecht, Evgenii Korsakov, Marián Kuchar, Jean – Michel Reuter, Seiru Nagahori, Jonatan Lujan, Martin Kreml, Adrian Szelle, Adrian Ducin, Andrej Szabo, Maho Miyagawa, Enrico Vanroose, Daniela Danihelová, Raphael Schuster
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