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A day of a dancer in 12 photos! How does a day look like for the SND soloist Peter Dedinský?

Hello, everyone! All SND Ballet aficionados are keenly awaiting the première of the Boris Eifman ballet Beyond Sin. As the preparations and rehearsals for the big day are well under way, may I take this opportunity to share with you my day. I have the privilege to dance in the production one of the main roles, that of Dimitri, one of the three brothers.

Let me share with you my day step-by-step- I get up at 7:12 AM. Since our daughter Ema was recently given little brother Peter, days are increasingly cheerful. 🙂

Breakfast and coffee are a must! I always eat, whilst making sure my breakfast is hearty, though not too heavy. In this particular case I am treating myself to a traditional omelette. I fix my breakfast myself: y kind wife is busy enough with our little ones. 🙂

I live in Slovenský Grob, where we built our house. I come from the Northern region of Slovakia, Orava – that made it hard for me to get used to a life-style in a prefabricated block of flats. Though our home is now just 20 kilometres from Bratislava, the time I spend in a car varies, depending on the traffic.

It´s 9:00 AM and I made it to the SND. The journey today only took an hour. 🙂 On the photo you can also see my other colleagues, the SND Ballet soloists, Yuki Kaminaka and Erina Akatsuka.


Together with Tatum Shoptaugh, Yuki and Erina we just decided to take for you this selfie in the lift. 🙂

The practice begins at 9:30 AM, hence I head straight to the dressing room which II share with my colleague and old friend Andrej Cagáň. Our friendship goes back as far as 20 years, when we were together at the Eva Jaczová Dance conservatory!

Enough of fun, dear all, it´s time to roll up our sleeves! I attach a photo from the hall. The rehearsals are ordinarily held in relaxed atmosphere, as we don’t like tensions which are futile and indeed counterproductive. Each of us likes to enjoy dance to the most, as we are lucky to be doing what we love.

As I already told you, the rehearsals for the new première Beyond Sin is in full swing. I took photos here for you of my lady colleagues who will be dancing Gypsies in one of the scenes.  We put together the tile in two weeks back in August. Now we are polishing it over and over again to make sure the result is crème de la crème! 🙂

Throughout the day we often rehearse a number of titles at the same time. If we are working on a première, alongside we review repertory titles such as The Swan Lake or Giselle. Since we have a performance in the evening night, we have a break today from 1:00 to 6:00 PM.

That is the time I mostly dedicate to regain my energy and rest. I had pizza for lunch, then took a quick nap 🙂 and then dealt with some other commitments. Needless to say, one has to warm up again prior to the performance.

I am mostly fed by my wife with home-made meals, which I like most, but sometimes I treat myself to such goodies as this.. 🙂

It’s 6:00 PM. As you see, we are waiting in the makeup studio so that our makeup artists fix our makeup. Those ladies are splendid – may I grab this opportunity to say hello to them and thank you for all their kind care. Can you see all that they need for their work? The other photo shows our new colleagues Arthur Sai and Kristian Achberger in costumes from the First Act of The Swan Lake.

On the days when we have an evening performance, I don’t get a chance to spend much time with my children as I come home around 11PM- I finished up my pizza – the lunch-leftover, poured myself a glass of wine, turned on the TV for a bit and put my feet up. Well, one’s got to relax.!

All I am left to do is to brush my teeth and tuck in bed. Tomorrow is another day which will be no less busy that today.  So, farewell and goodnight!!


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“For me, dance is a synonyme for life and freedom“ I graduated from the State Conservatory of Bratislava and the Academy of Performing Arts – Theatre theory and criticism. My positive attitude towards theatre led to my reflections on dance arts. Dancing was a part of me since early childhood. The aim of my work is not only the reflection on dancing scene but its advertisement as well. Ballet is a high-quality piece of art and that is why it should be given attention it deserves.

Natália Jabůrkova

Author of the article, theatrologist and dance reviewer


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